What is branding and why should you care?

You still have the phrase “What is a brand?” Have you searched? If you do, you will encounter more than 10 definitions and concepts. I can even say that these definitions are so different in some places that they do not talk about a thing at all! That’s why you’ll have trouble understanding the brand concept of these definitions. So, what should we do? It seems to me that if we know what the brand is, it’s easier to reach the goal: the brand is not a logo, the brand is not your company name, and the brand is not a symbol or trademark either! Yes, all of this affects your brand and the brand has all of these, but none of these are brand-only brands!

What is branding

Before you know what brand is, you should remember that the brand is not something sitting in the marketing room, the public relations room or the company’s headroom! In fact, brand is, in fact, an abstract concept created in the minds of your users and customers and it can be said that there is no external existence!

In the simplest terms, let me explain to you where your brand originates from customers ‘and users’ minds: Suppose you exist as a business in the market and provide customers with a range of products or services. Users, too, for whatever reason, prefer you to your rivals and interact with you: what does that interact with you? They will interact with your website if they want to buy from you, or they may talk to your support department if necessary and then use your product or service targeted website traffic to your product and easy step to sell your products

After all this is done, the customer will have a final image of you, a picture that brings together all these experiences, in other words, your customer will know with this image. Well, that’s exactly what we call “Brand”! The image that the customer has of you, and this image will have a huge impact on your next purchases or when the customer wants to talk about you with someone else!

Each of the interactions your customer has with you and the different parts of your collection is a story for him. If the customer feels that your products or services are new and innovative, these features will be part of your brand in the user’s mind. Or, for example, if the packaging of your products is particularly beautiful and delicate, the image that your brand will bring in the user’s mind will be a beautiful and delicate image. But this coin has two sides! That is, if your products or services are weak on the other hand, the same image of your brand will be created in the mind of the user!

Each interaction sends a message!

Have you seen the guides that refer to each side on one side? If you want to find out more about branding, we can use these boards. Every interaction that a customer has with you is a flash, a flash pointing to a point and its message is different from the rest of the flash.

For example, your product (which is one of the biggest customer interactions with you) may give the customer a message that you are innovative and creative (maybe you have a product that is not very popular on the market); another is your company flash (for example The beautiful packaging of your product gives you the message to the customer that you are a plethora of delicacies. But in the meantime, suppose there’s another flash that does not have a positive message like the rest of the flash: for example, a member of your support or public relations team talks to the customer with a bad tone and his flash is on the other side! However, Sales lagging a little this season?  Could be one of the short treatments for any brand to buy website traffic as quick, easy and safe jump start to help ensure you reach your goals!  The key is driving prospective customers to your website Brand. this is also part of the interactions your customer has with you and you cannot delete it. Now if you put all these together and make a conclusion, the picture that comes with is the image your customers have of your brand!

I can now say that the brand debate has somehow broken your way because you know that your brand is a collection of messages that you send to the mind of the audience. Now more than that, it should be easier for you, because your work has come to pass. Just check all the interactions your user has with you and try to give him the best experience. This way you can become a stylish and strong brand in the minds of users!

Two Case Studies: The Disney World and Cyrus Stores

Let’s look at an interesting example: the Disney world! All of us have heard the name of this weird world, or at least Walt Disney know. You probably also know that Disneyland is one of the most popular entertainment collections in the United States and around the world. Now let’s talk about the brand of such a large and global set. A brand that Disneyland itself has defined for itself is a ” magical family fun “! It looks attractive and tempting, is not it?

Do you think Disneyland is doing what it does to create interactions with customers in order to strengthen this message in their minds? The first and most prominent example is movies that may be part of your sweetest memories

Have you looked at the things we talked about so far? Making movies, building a park, putting characters like fancy characters in parks, creating interactions between people and these characters, and dozens of other services and innovations … Can any of these items alone represent the Disney brand? Not! But when these issues all come together as puzzle pieces and deliver their message to the customer as best, they can, it finally comes up with an overall picture of the puzzle that we call Brand or Brand Identity!


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